Well, the summer holiday season is well and truly upon us. Whether you are packing for a holiday in foreign climes, or you are travelling somewhere closer to home, one essential item to include in your luggage is a camera.

A camera can be a bulky item to lug around, so how are you at taking great holiday photos with your iPhone?Tips for Taking Great Holiday Photos with Your iPhone

If you own an iPhone, why not take the most logical step and use the camera that comes with it. You carry your phone with you everywhere you go anyway, so you are never going to miss any of those spontaneous snaps that can crop up unexpectedly. Besides which, the latest iPhones have amazing photographic capabilities due to the state-of-the-art displays and processors that they contain.


On a more practical note, we have put together a few tips for taking great holiday photos with your iPhone.


Play with your phone before you go away

Sounds like strange advice, but how many people know precisely what all of the settings on their iPhone camera can do? The majority of people turn on the camera and point and click. They can often be disappointed by the result – what looks fantastic in real life doesn’t always come out as well in your photograph.

Experiment with the settings before you go away – try different light levels, angles, portrait mode, etc., so you know how to take the best photos possible.

Placement of objectsTips for Taking Great Holiday Photos with Your iPhone

When composing a photograph, place the subject in one of the corners (upper or lower) of the frame. Doing this will encourage the eye to wander around the image and take in the whole scene, instead of just being drawn directly to the object and ignoring everything else.

One way to add extra depth to a picture is to frame the subject in some way. Another way is to include people or items in the foreground, middle ground and background; this will give a definite feeling of three-dimensionality.

Leave space in front of a moving person to give the perception of movement.

Leaving space at the front will also stop a landscape from appearing flat, and create a feeling of depth.

Include people in the foreground to add scale and dimension.

Don’t just stick to ordinary shots

Try taking your photographs from unusual angles. If you shoot from a different perspective, it can hugely improve your results. For example, shooting from a lower angle will show your subject from a new perspective and will enable you to include items in the foreground.

The most important tip is to have fun!


Happy holidays from the Sentinel team