Before you jet off on holiday this summer, you’ll want to pack your favourite electronics. All of your media can be to hand if you have two or three items and this month we are going to give you a taste of some of the best tech this summer.


Nowadays, phones can deliver just about all of the media content that you are ever likely to need. Yes, they make calls and send texts, but they can do so much more, they are mini computers in your pocket. You can watch movies and tv, listen to your favourite tunes, play games, read books and magazines, and you can take amazing photographs. The Best Tech This Summer -camera phone

A Smartphone is the ideal holiday companion. You can lie on the beach listening to soothing music to the background of crashing waves, relax by the pool and read the latest page-turner. Plus, you can record the entire trip for posterity using the camera.

To this end, we have chosen the Nokia range as part of our best tech this summer. There are several to choose from, including the following:

  • taking great photos (Nokia 9 Pureview)
  • well built with a large, clear display (Nokia 8.1)
  • beautiful design and fantastic display (Nokia 8)

Power banks

Power banks are widely available everywhere you go these days, and what a great gadget they are. Charge it up and stick it in your pocket to have extra power to hand. If your phone battery needs some help after a long day of taking photos, or even just reading, it’s there. Alongside regularly charged power banks, solar-powered power banks are becoming more widespread. These devices are ideal for the beach and also for camping trips where you have no access to electricity.


Chill out with the best tech this summer



A tablet can be seen as an oversized phone that is incapable of making calls. Why not appreciate it for what it is – a great way to be able to watch your tv shows wherever you go. With a screen several times bigger than your average phone, the tablet has a big enough screen to allow you to fall into whatever you are watching.

Wireless HeadphonesThe Best Tech This Summer -wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are, for obvious reasons, some of the best tech this summer. You can listen to whatever you like without disturbing anyone else. Being wireless, they have no annoying wires that get tangled up in all sorts of knots and flap around you while you are relaxing. From over-earphones to earbuds, the choice is vast.


Who doesn’t want to spend time with their favourite book over the summer? As it can be difficult to lug several books on the plane with you, download hundreds of titles onto a small eReader such as the Kindle or the Kobo and have an entire library at your fingertips.


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