Christmas has come and gone, the wrapping paper has been ripped off and everyone is getting used to playing with their new electronic devices. The thing that should be at the forefront of your mind now is making sure that you and your family are security savvy when using the internet.

Security is not just about keeping your personal details safe… security savvy when using the internet

The first thing to think about to be security savvy when using the internet, is keeping your personal details safe and secure.

  • Always use an up-to-date security programme – there are plenty available – some which you can pay for and others that are free to download. Whichever type you use, make sure that you update regularly and have it switched on at all times to try to catch any malware, etc.
  • Use two-factor identification wherever it is available, especially when using the internet for Banking, etc. This type of security arrangement can ask for a code to be inputted before you can access your information. This can often be a code that is texted to your mobile phone which will be different every time. This means that anyone trying to access your details without your knowledge will be unable to do so.
  • Signing up for log-in notifications will enable you to stay security savvy when using the internet, as every time your accounts are accessed from a new device, you will receive an email notification.
  • Make sure that you use a secure password. Using a password that has ten characters that are a mixture of upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols should make it more difficult for would-be hackers to gain access to your online accounts.
  • NEVER share your password with anyone else. You should also ensure that you change your passwords on a regular basis and use different passwords for different accounts – this will stop potential hackers from being able to access all of your accounts with just the one password.
  • Always make sure that you only access sites such as online banking from secure locations. As we have discussed in a previous blog post, it is possible for your information to be accessed if you use unsecured, free wifi in shops, coffee shops, bars, etc. Therefore you should only use your mobile data if you really need to access sensitive information whilst you are out and about.
  • Sites with the https prefix all provide an extra encryption layer which should dissuade hackers from being able to access your information

Keep your children safe online… security savvy when using the internet - cartoon

There are several ways to keep children safe when they use the internet :

  • Talk to them about safe use
  • Make sure they know not to upload personal information, especially photographs.
  • Use parental controls
  • Limit access to the internet
  • Keep computers in a family space, not in a bedroom
  • Keep an eye on the search history on your computer

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