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Security Savvy When Using The Internet

Christmas has come and gone, the wrapping paper has been ripped off and everyone is getting used to playing with their new electronic devices. The thing that should be at the forefront of your mind now is making sure that you and your family are security savvy when... read more

Gadget Gifts for Christmas

With the festive season now upon us and Christmas rapidly approaching, everyone’s thoughts are turned to the perennial problem of purchasing presents for friends and loved ones. In this month’s blog we hope to give you a few ideas for gadget gifts for Christmas. There... read more

Stay Safe on Public WiFi

ALERT!         ALERT!         ALERT! In these days of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, using the internet on the go has become second nature to all of us. So how do you stay safe on public wifi? Data limits are included in virtually every mobile phone package, and... read more

iPhone 8 Launch

The wait is over… it’s the iPhone 8  launch from Apple! Whether you love them or hate them, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are here, available to buy since 22nd September. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of this much talked about release,... read more

Summer Fun Otterbox Phone Cases

Otterbox have every style you can think of in their phone case protection; from professional to practical; rugged to glitzy.   With all the sunshine we’ve had we thought you might like these summer fun Otterbox Phone Cases!   Otterbox’s rugged Defender... read more

6 Computer Mouse Tips you should know

Do you get the most out of your computer mouse? These 6 computer mouse tips will increase your productivity whether it’s surfing the internet, writing a report of tackling school homework, helping you to get the most from your computer.   Shift Key and Mouse... read more

5 Tips for Saving Battery Life on your Phone

Do you, like many phone owners, feel your blood pressure rising as the battery in your phone dwindles? You can save yourself a whole load of stress with these 5 tips for saving battery life on your phone. Your phone is constantly using power on things you don’t see.... read more

Take Great Pictures with your Smartphone

While the fact that your phone is almost an extension of your hand these days results in all of us having more photos that we ever would have had twenty years ago, it doesn’t mean that you always take great pictures with your smartphone. Getting great photos with your... read more

Antivirus Software for Mac

While the Apple Mac operating system is essentially secure, there have been flaws and attacks in recent years to ask the question – Do you need antivirus software for Mac? Macs are generally considered more secure than PCs due to the perception that Malware writers... read more

Techie Christmas Gift Ideas

Being the traditional season for gift giving, we’ve put together a few techie Christmas gift ideas to kick start your festive shopping spree.   Check out these cutting-edge gadgets that are this season’s must-have and make your techie friends and family’s Christmas... read more

Christmas gift ideas for the Apple junkie!

We’ve brought you some Christmas gift ideas for the Apple junkie in your life! As everyone starts to get charged up with the stress of Christmas shopping… especially when you have gifts to buy for those loved ones who are glued to their iPhone or iPad – ... read more

iPhone Touch ID Issues

Apple are facing a big iPhone touch ID issue with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus!   The iPhone touch ID issue is one of the biggest problems Apple have seen in years. The ‘touch disease’ accounts for over 10% of repairs on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and as yet... read more

Otterbox iPhone Covers for the ladies

iPhone covers for the ladies with a taste of the exotic from Otterbox What do you think of these new iPhone covers for the ladies? Otterbox, already at the top of the game when it comes to designing premium protective cases for smartphone and tablets, is introducing 2... read more

Tips for better iPhone Photography

Tips for better iPhone Photography from National Geographic If you want to get more than selfies from your iPhone this summer, find out how to take amazing photographs for the best holiday memories with these tips for better iPhone photography from National... read more

Give your Phone LifeProof Protection this Summer

Give your phone LifeProof protection this summer If you’re off on a big adventure this summer or a relaxing sun, sea and sand holiday chances are your phone will be by your side every step of the way… unless you drop it in the pool or the ocean! Investing in a... read more