With the festive season now upon us and Christmas rapidly approaching, everyone’s thoughts are turned to the perennial problem of purchasing presents for friends and loved ones. In this month’s blog we hope to give you a few ideas for gadget gifts for Christmas.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of electronic gadgets and gizmos out there, but we have picked a few and spotlighted them here.

Phones and phone cases.Otterbox gifts - Gadget gift for Christmas

Mobile phones are often at the top of the gift list for a lot of people. This year saw the launch of the new iPhones and several new android handsets – notably the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Google Pixel 2. If you are planning on gifting a phone, then it makes sense to add a phone case for protection and there are many makes and models to choose from, although Otterbox are leaders in the field and are an excellent choice.

Instant photo printers for mobile phones.

Many of us take hundreds of pictures on our phones that sit in the cloud, or on hard drives never to be seen again, but a great gadget to buy as a gift for a budding photographer is an instant photo printer. There are two types of printer; one is a small Bluetooth printer that can print your pictures on demand; the second is a printer case that you fit your phone into and will print your picture within 30 seconds. This type of case is, unfortunately, only available for specific phones.

More Gadget Gifts for Christmas


Wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Wicocoon speaker - gadget gifts for Christmasreless Bluetooth speakers have been around for some time but are still great gadget gifts for Christmas. Choose one that fits best in your budget range but that has the longest battery life you can get; some have the capability for USB charging; some have an auxiliary input; some are waterproof so can be used in the shower; make sure that you can get the best sound reproduction possible as some speakers can produce a ‘tinny’ sound. Researching your choices first will always pay off in the long run.

VR headsets.

Virtual Reality headsets, once the stuff of science fiction, are now readily available for use with gaming consoles, PC’s and mobile phones. They are available as either; tethered – attached to a console via wires; or mobile – a phone slots into the headset. The tethered headset will give a superior result as all of the processing power needed is in your computer/console. The mobile headset VR will be lacking in quality as compared to the tethered headset, as mobile phones are not, designed for VR and lack the processing power of a PC or console.

Etc., etc., etc…

Christmas parcels - Gadget gifts for Christmas

There are many other gadgets gifts for Christmas out there including; streaming sticks; the Garmin speaker – a wireless speaker for the car; dashcams; the Nintendo switch; the Kindle; tablets, fitbits; the list is endless.

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