Sentinel Ballincollig offers a repair service for computers and laptops. We are a small friendly crew who won’t baffle you with technical jargon, but make you feel at ease, as we discuss the problem.

Computer repairs are dealt with by professionals and our state of the art processes give you a secure job tracking system that allows you to check on the progress of your repair from a phone or another computer. We will send you a text alert when the job is complete to save unnecessary visits to town.

At Sentinel Ballincollig we run a comprehensive diagnostics check on all computers and laptops brought in for repair to ensure that we quote you for exactly what is needed; testing the hardware to assess if it is practical to repair the machine. If you bring in your laptop to have the screen repaired, we will still have to run the hardware tests as something else may have been damaged when the screen cracked.

Every computer repair or laptop repair can be as individual as the customer, making our prices individual too; quite simply – we don’t charge you for what you don’t need! If you are looking for a repair on your PC or laptop contact us right here, or call in to see us; we’re friendly, helpful and happy to offer plenty of advice!

You can be assured that Sentinel Ballincollig will…

  • Work hard to source and supply quality products and parts for your computers and laptops to ensure you go away happy with your repair.
  • Will always seek approval before carrying out work outside the original quote.
  • Will guarantee the work we have carried out with our 30 day no quibble warranty on repairs.

At Sentinel Ballincollig we sell a select range of new and refurbished PC’s and Laptops.

We look for the best value in the market when sourcing new Laptops and Computers, only stocking machines that are reasonably priced and we are happy to stand over. We want you to have a great experience when you buy your new computer or laptop. At Sentinel Ballincollig we never oversell; we won’t sell you a laptop or PC that is above your needs and we stay away from inferior products; you don’t want problems and neither do we!

Call in to Sentinel Ballincollig to see our select range of accessories for PC’s and Laptops.

Customer satisfaction is key to us here in Sentinel Ballincollig. We listen to our customers’ needs and aim to stock what you want to buy, not what we want to sell.

As with all our products we look for the best value in the market when sourcing accessories like chargers, cables, headphones, memory sticks, laptop cases and much more, only stocking products we are happy to stand over.

We offer a range of products for all makes and models of computers and laptops; including HP, Dell, Sony, Samsung and more. From the professional to the funky, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste and pocket.


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