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Feel daunted when entering the techie world of computer repair shops?

Worried your problem will sound silly?

Have no fear… at Sentinel Ballincollig we’re not just ‘techie geeks’, we’re ordinary people with ordinary language. We’ve heard and seen it all in the land of computers and techie gadgets; we can clear a path through those alien words like Trojan, Malware, Gigabytes and RAM, to give you sound advice on how to fix your computers or gadgets in plain old English.
For computer repairs, laptop repairs, phone & tablet repairs, talk to Sentinel Ballincollig; we’re friendly, we listen, and we translate English to ‘techie talk’ and back again!
Most importantly we want happy, satisfied customers; whether it’s a little advice you are looking for, a repair job on your ‘can’t be without’ device, or that ‘must have’ accessory, you can be assured of a quality, professional, value for money service… with a smile!

Why are we the best choice for your Phone, Table and Computer Repair?

If you bring your device to our Chapel Lane store you will get
A quality service.
• Quality parts.
• Quality aftercare
• Real Guarantees

And if you are really stuck… we can offer you the option of a priority service!

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